The best soft tissue therapy available


If you are committed to giving your patients the most excellent soft tissue therapy available then you will want to apply the Deep Muscle Stimulator (D-M-S) to your patients.

“The Deep Muscle Stimulator can be a stand alone therapy or used in conjunction with any other technique used in your office. My patients look forward to the feeling that comes with the pain relief and relaxation provided by DMS. I get consistent fast results using the DMS.” Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, Instructor for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Dr. Jake Pivaroff is the inventor of the D-M-S and he is committed to excellence and provides a product with the best built material. Patients like the look, and you can feel the quality of production that each unit is made of.

“The D-M-S device is especially useful for covering the entire surface of the back and legs. The brisk vibration and percussion delivered by the device provides pressure and force to overcome the density of the erector muscles, spinous ligaments and thoracolumbar fascia. I can cover more surface area using the DMS, be more thorough and faster, than using hands alone. Although the patient usually reports feeling relaxed, the device has a stimulating effect upon the nerve receptors. A vibratory sensation is conveyed from the site of application on the body that travels outward for 2-4 inches or further, depending on the patients’ density. Latent trigger points, taut bands and/or tender spots that were not felt by the patient will often be revealed with a sensation when stimulated by the DMS, thus allowing these spots to be worked out”. Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

The body tissues directly influenced by D-M-S deep vibration/percussion are the skin, the fascia, the muscular system, lymphatic system, and the nervous system. The glandular, digestive, and bony systems are indirectly influenced. In cases of numbness or tingling, this vibration will have a benumbing effect which will react in a sedative manner. Like ischemic compression techniques using your hands, elbows, or T-bars, the D-M-S vibration/percussion device will reduce trigger point sensitivity found in muscle, tendon, periosteum, ligament and skin. By reflex action through the sensory nerves in the skin a sedative effect is produced by vibration/percussion.

Metabolites and toxins can become stored in the connective tissues and the use of vibration/percussion will increase vasodilation, allowing tissues to receive adequate fresh amounts of oxygen and nutrients. This process will remove waste byproducts to facilitate tissue recovery and repair. Vibration/percussion can be lightly used over swollen joints in order to send on through the blood stream the broken down products of inflammation.

D-M-S will exceed your expectations and patients will not have that anti-climatic feeling that they often have with other modalities.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

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