Progressive Scoliosis Case


Progressive Scoliosis Case

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Have you been confronted with a progressive scoliosis case?

Faced with that stubborn curve that will not move… well I’m giving you one of my most valued scoliosis secretes in changing the curve dynamics.   Yes the…  DMS…  this instrument can and will give you the added edge in change the A/B fibers structure of the scoliotic curve mechanics.  This instrument can precisely maneuver into the rotated muscle/ligament tissue of the convex side contracted scoliosis curve. In days, the range of motion of the contracted side is seen, and can be measured.  The secret is in the percussions head and the hertz of the instrument. The…DMS … instrument dramatically reduces the soft tissue contracture of the scoliosis short leg side; patient will experience new ROM and pain reduction within 2 offices visits.  To increase patient compliance through curve correction the …DMS… instrument will give you that added edge of success.  I have used the… DMS … for over 8 years and strongly recommend in the treatment of Idiopathic Scoliosis. If you have any question regarding the… DMS… usage in scoliosis curve treatment please contacts me at Scoliosis. Com.

Dr. Art Copes D.N.M., Ph.D., Orthotis

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